“System for precombustion carbon removal onboard a marine facility”

  • Natural gas converted onboard into Hrich decomposition gas  (89 % hydrogen & unreacted NG)  with solid carbon as a by product 
  • Hused as add-in-fuel for engine mixing with natural gas
  • Vessel continues to bunker only regular LNG fuel, but COemissions are reduced dramatically, lowered well to wake emissions
  • Produced solid carbon has sales value (~graphite) -> additional revenue 
  • Certified by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for New Technology Qualification

Our Solution

Reduced COand PM emissions & lower methane slip

LNG as base fuel with H2 as drop-in-fuel

No need for large H2 storage-onboard

Modular design - able to meet CO2 emission regulations step by step

Offshore platform  / FPSO electrification

We are future proof